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Master of Science in Systems and Engineering Management

The program leading to the Master of Science in Systems and Engineering Management (MS SEM) through the Industrial Engineering department is designed to meet the growing demand for technical managers with strong engineering, science and technical backgrounds as well as a sound grounding in management and financial issues. The MS SEM program has a professional focus and provides the opportunity for students with a non-IE undergraduate degree to obtain graduate training in their specialty areas and to receive engineering management training at the same time.

Degree Requirements

Students in the MS SEM program are subject to all masters degree regulations as outlined in the Graduate Catalog. The program follows the same course credit restrictions as the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. The MS SEM program can be taken as a thesis (24 credits plus 6 credits of thesis) or non-thesis (30 credits) option. Please see the Industrial Engineering Handbook for more detailed information on the MS SEM program requirements.

The Curriculum

There are five courses (15 credits) that constitute the core requirements for the M.S.S.E.M.:

The remaining courses can be taken from those offered in the Industrial Engineering department or any of the following engineering disciplines within the College of Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, and Petroleum). These courses are listed and described in the Course Descriptions section of this site. In addition, courses outside of the College of Engineering, such as business, math, or psychology can be applied toward the degree as long as they are approved by both the graduate advisor and the SEM graduate advisor.

Program Minors

An option within the MS SEM program is to take 3-5 courses as a minor. The courses do not have to come from the same department, but they must be focused on a specific speciality area, and the minor must be approved by the SEM graduate advisor.

Sample Minors

Following are some sample minors; however, you are not limited to these choices.

Software Engineering Minor

Power Systems Minor

Drilling and Production Operation Minor

Formation Evaluation Minor

Transfer of Courses

Graduate transfer credits from other institutions are contingent upon approval of the Graduate School and the graduate advisor; decisions will be based on the current policy guidelines established by the College of Engineering, the Industrial Engineering Department, and the Graduate School.

For More Information

The SEM graduate advisor is Dr. Milton Smith, his contact information is:

Milton Smith
email: milton.smith@ttu.edu
Phone: 806.742.3543

If you have questions about the distance learning program, please contact:

Amy Donnerberg, Program Coordinator
Phone: (806) 742-3451
Email: amy.donnerberg@ttu.edu

Brent Guinn, Sr. Director
Phone: (806) 742-3451 or (800) 528-5583
Email: brent.guinn@ttu.edu