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Texas Tech Whitacre College of Engineering

Formula Society of Automotive Engineers

Our Mission

Practical implementation, problem solving and leadership are vitally important parts of higher education. Unfortunately, these key aspects are being left out of the classroom in modern academia. Texas Tech University’s Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (TTU FSAE) is tackling this problem head on, by producing employable professionals with practical hands on experience. Every school year the TTU FSAE team designs, manufactures, and races a formula one style racecar from the ground up. The team competes in an international competition held at Michigan International Speedway. Taking on every challenge in the way, from finding sponsors to figuring out what type of carbon fiber to use. The generous donations of our sponsors fund the team and make our dreams possible. Any and every bit of help is graciously appreciated. In 2016 TTU FSAE pulled out an underdog finish placing 38th out of 115 teams, the best finish of any team in the Big 12 and the best finish in TTU history. We are asking for your help to make history as we strive to become better every year.

Our Team

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Car Show

April 15th - 10 AM

TTU Commuter West – C16 Parking Lot

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